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Ballroom Fit Dance Workout
Studio of Dance Savannah Pooler Hilton Head Bluffton

Dance Fitness Membership

Always wanted to lose weight and have a blast while doing it? 

Try one or all of our DANCE FITNESS classes. We offer a style that can suit your weight loss and dancing needs. Need to tone? How about lose those extra pounds? Want to be more flexible? YES! 

We can help you with all of your fitness needs. 

Check out our calendar and go register for one today.

No partner or experience necessary.

MEMBERSHIP: $150 for unlimited classes for 4 weeks


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Ballroom-Fit  ​TM

Always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance? Don't have a partner? Want to get in shape and have fun in the process? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you! Learn how to ballroom dance and get a great workout in the process. We use all styles of music that are modern or traditional. We are using the DANCE VISION syllabus to create our program. Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, Salsa, Samba, Jive, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Two Step, West Coast Swing, Bachata and more! Please check out our calendar for Low or High Impact classes/for days and times to join us! 

Ages 8+ (Mondays at 6pm, Wednesdays at 6pm, Thursdays at 10:20am) Virtual and IN PERSON

TwerkFit 16+

Love to listen to hip hop and want a great workout at the same time? Well, this class will get you moving and sweating learning how to "TWERK." Darrell has designed this to be fun and a great way to experience how Hip Hop has evolved.  The class will only be open for ages 16+

 (Wednesdays at 7pm)

Shimmy Chic (Belly Dance Fitness 

Always wanted to learn the beautiful art form of Belly Dance? Well, we have it! Join our instructor in a great fitness workout that will have your hips moving and shaking.  Shimmy Chic is a dance fitness workout fun for all ages and levels.  The class is offered in person and virtual.  Please contact the studio for more information about being virtual. 

(Tuesdays at 6pm) 

Hip Hop

Adult Hip Hop Class is a Dance Fitness class designed to teach you element of dance to hip hop music.  We will teach you to break, lock and pop all while toning and getting a great workout! Our Hip Hop Instructor is great at choosing several styles of Hip Hop from the origin to what it is today.  Check our calendar out for more details! 

Ages 13+ (Saturdays at 10am)

 Stretching for Dance 

Stretching for Dance is a dance fitness class designed to help increase your flexibility and range of motion for any style of dance you are interested in! This class is also beneficial for Gymnastics and Cheerleading.

Ages 12+ (Mondays at 7pm) Virtual and IN PERSON


Join us every week for a great workout with ZUMBA! Latin dancing, cardio, fun.  All ages are encouraged to join us from home or in person.  Zumba is an exercise fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Pérez during the 1990s. Zumba is a trademark owned by Zumba Fitness, LLC. The Brazilian pop singer Claudia Leitte has become the international ambassador to Zumba Fitness.

(Mondays at 10:30am) Virtual and IN PERSON

Yoga & Wine 

Virtual Only

Yoga and wine? PLEASE! From the comforts of your own home, pour a glass a vino and join us for a great Yoga class.  Our studio is unique in that the instructor offers a practice that incorporates all the traditional yogic practices but offers a modern twist to make it more approachable for the present students. ("not your momma's yoga and "present' being a play on one of the goals of class).  You must be 21 years old to attend this class. 

Please note that we do not condone drinking and driving.  Please attend class responsibly and refrain from breaking the law.  This class is online only and is not a class offered in our studio's location.  If you desire to meet in person, the class will be ONLY YOGA.  (FRIDAYS Link will available- contact the studio for more information.)


SEE MindBody APP to sign up or call/email/text us to get started. 

Ballroom Fit on Fridays at 5pm - required to pre-register before 12pm

Ballroom Fit on Sundays at 5pm- required to pre-register before 12pm