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Ballroom Fit Dance Workout
Studio of Dance Savannah Pooler Hilton Head Bluffton

SdeB Kids/TEENS Dance Program 

Kids Recreational Dance/Tumbling Classes

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Mom and Me Dance Classes are Active for the months of June and July.  

We will resume Hip Hop, Ballet and Acro/Tumbling Classes in August 2022.  Enrollment for classes are OPEN for August.  

Hip Hop 

Ages 5-17

This 4 week series class is designed to work on hip hop elements to put together in a routine for you kids to practice. We use fun and up beat music to help them learn how to dance to the latest hits! Basics of break-dancing, games, and fun are incorporated into each series. Join us today for the next session. 

(Saturdays at 10am)

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Kids Ballet 

Ages 5-17

This class is a 4 week series class focusing on the fundamentals of Ballet. We will be teaching the elements for the basics in ballet for ages 5-12.

Workout clothes and ballet slippers are preferred. See the the front desk for details about ordering ballet slippers.

Join us today for our next session.

(Saturdays at 11am)  

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Mom and Me Dance

Mom and Me Dance 

Ages 4 and below

This class is a 4 week series class focusing on the fundamentals of music, dance, hand-eye coordination, and fitness for the whole family! 

Wear comfortable clothes and let's have some fun learning ballet, jazz, hip hop, ballroom and more! 

(Tuesdays at 10:30am)

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Mom and Me Dance

Acro/Tumbling Program 

Gymnastics? No, Acro/Tumbling is very different.  Are you looking for a great way to enhance your skills on floor and jumps? This is the class for you. 

Acro- short for Acrobatics- 

We work on agility and flexibility for jumps, partnership and stunts.

Tumbling- Floor skills

Forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, Bridges, Back-Bends, Backwalkovers, Back Handsprings, and skills that are connected together. 

This class is great for the dancer, cheerleader, and gymnast looking to enhance their skills.  

Class details are on our schedule and if you want a private lesson, contact us directly.

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Kids Membership Club

Unlimited Kids classes for 4 weeks  

Membership: $200 for unlimited classes

(Up to 3 Siblings)

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